Enquiry Management
In this postmodern era enquiry management plays a magnificent role in the education industry. Institution need to get the attention of students. So this module helps to make a successful recruitment process from enquiry to enrollment through its different process like carrier guidelines, seminars, counseling, workshops etc.

Registration & Admission
Student can register online or offline for various courses an integrated intelligent registration tool provides the flexibility of distribution and submission of admission form so that the tedious task of segregation of sorting of bulk forms can be so simplified & free of demerits.

The module can generate different reports like generation of admit cards for entrance exam, interview & Etc...

Entrance examinations & interview result will be processed for selection of admission procedure. This will be based on the prior set criteria. Finally student who are selected will be provided with 'Live Student' status to the corresponding academic year..

Student Information System
This module is the core of any activities of 'Live Student's' campus life cycle. Student information consist of a complete information of a student from admission to convocation. We can view personal profile academic/exam performance, fee information, student attendance status, library & medical information, hostel & transport information..'this is a Single Window Interactive Module'

Examination & Result Analysis
A student's academic excellence and performance analysis can be review based on different parameters like SGPA, CGPA, CCE, etc. there by performance of institute. Our examination module system has under gone various process of research with variety of internationally, nationally and locally accepted examination system. Authority can enter the result accordingly depend on course/modules covered for an individual student. Once the entry is done by examiners it can produce the final result with a single click. Overall performance based on examination, project works, workshops and different parameters in whole academic life cycle.

Online Examination
Online examination system is a ready to use methodology of analysis. Our online examination system provides a question bank generation system for online question paper so that different flexibility of question paper generation is made possible.

Variety of question can be prepared and no of examination can conduct within same time and real time processing of result.

Time Scheduling
Preparation of time scheduling is a tedious task for any administer our time schedule generation system is powerful tool that which helps you to overcome this tedious task of Timetable preparation.

The magnificent output of this module
  • Student Time Schedule
  • Faculty Time Schedule
  • Course Time Schedule
  • Resource Time Schedule

Attendance Management
Attendance of students/employees can be marked accordingly with said parameters it can be marked even hourly, half day, full day or subject wise.

Biometric system, RFID integrated identity card facility is an added powerful & Flexible solution for student attendance.

Feedback System
A powerful as well as well versed feedback form is provided for all kind of activities and service based performance analysis of student & Staff. Authority can make the assessment based on the feedback.

Management cans analysis the overall feedback from various departments for better academic performance. This will help to bring best possible efficiency to the intuitions progress there by better overhaul.

Transport Management
Transport management takes care of assigning route and maintenance of vehicle. This module can act as a transport manger of the institute. So the maintain of the logbook, assign of routes, creation of routes, assigning routes allocation for student, integration with fee module and etc.

Fee Management System
Fee/Billing management module gives accurate control to the revenue generated through student fee collection. This gives a user friendly & flexible environment for fee collection this save enormous time spends on data entry and financial data managing. A fee receipt is generated, which can be handed over to the student for reference. The module tracks many records of the student's past and present status of fee payment. It automatically generates reports to maintain the budget.

This in point of fact gives an accurate detail like
  • Reconciliation
  • Defaulter
  • Collection detail
  • Due amount
  • Concession given
  • Head wise & Installment wise
  • Online payment facility like credit/debit card, net banking, ECS, Etc.
  • Customizable as per the institution requirement
Staff Administration & Payroll
The module consists of all relevant information about a particular institution staff (Teaching / Non Teaching). It helps to manage leave and payroll details with user defined salary structure and salary generation. Staff transport and bank loan facility can be given from time to time. Payment slip can be generated and printed for individual staff. The payment interface with accounts module in our software helps to clearly report on total salary, net pay, deduction, loan payment, PF account maintains and report generation, Forms like 3A, 6A, 10, 5, Combine challan, ESI etc.

Placement & Industry
Our software optimizes the services of college career planning and placement offices with superior matching of students seeking internships and employment with companies recruiting talented human resources.

Students post their CVs (resumes) online, while companies post their job vacancies. Our software matches and alerts relevant parties automatically.

Career placement offices manage the entire recruitment process, including communication, tracking of successful matches, analytics, and feedback for quality control. Career centers can effectively manage corporate relations and keep up-to-date with local employment opportunities by recruiting employers to on-campus job fairs and career exhibitions.

"Students go to university or college to eventually find a good job. We designed software to help higher education institutions provide their students with a proper transition between academic study and a career path," explains Fr. A M Jose, Executive Director of DBTech India. "For students, this transition comes after years of studying and dreaming about their future."

Our software, and other university/institute management software modules, run as stand-alone or integrate seamlessly with existing Student Information Systems (SIS) used by many universities and Institutes.

Other management software modules allow administrators to manage alumni relations, grants, scholarships and donations, resources and facilities, and academic year calendars.

Financial Accounting
The accounts module helps users to manage and monitor all the accounting activities of the institution and to maintain the books of accounts. It integrates with all relevant modules which have information for accounts and gives us single window information. Financial accounting of the institution is based on the Income Expenditure and Assets Liabilities. The system also provides Master setup for compiling group of departments under a single institution. This module also has facilities to generate Balance sheet and Trial balance, individually or collectively under the institution. Voucher printing facility, Reports like Receipt and Payment Vouchers, Cashbook, Bankbook, Journal Register, Daybook, and related Reports etc. are all provided in this module. There is provision for printing the Receipts and Payments register for a user-defined set of accounts.

Inventory Management
The store and inventory module helps to manage the stock of items used by the institution. Inventory management module provides the complete status of items/equipments received, consumed and in stock. It also facilitates you in performing rate variation analysis from time to time and helps in effective damage handling. Reports generated, conform to standard requirements of a store management system. This module is linked to the accounts module and generates vouchers for Purchase, Purchase Returns, Sales and Sales Returns.

Asset Management
The Asset Register is a comprehensive module that deals with the management of fixed assets in a perfect way. Purchase of assets, number assigning, transfer of assets to various departments, stock taking etc are the various options available in this module. You can take all the elaborate reports related to the assets currently in the institution.

Hostel Management
Boarding/Hostel module is intended for the complete administration of accommodation, room allocation and mess of the students and staffs even the guests of the hostellers. You can easily manage and control admissions, allotment of different types of rooms, fees, and correspondence. A centralized monitoring system to co-ordinate with mess, tuck shop and cafeteria. Integration of hostel management with purchase, inventory and other related modules.

Event Management
Event Management module is closely related to the extracurricular activities. Schools and colleges conduct different types of competitions in arts and sports, workshops. Our event management module helps you to manage such an event very effectively. Definition of events, participant registration, point's definition, points entry and result display are handled by this module.

Alumni Association
Running a student club or association can be a challenge, no matter how big or small your organization.

The easiest and fastest way to communicate with students today is to make sure you're connected to them. Our web-based membership management software makes it easy for students to interact with you, and each other, using tools they're familiar with.

Your club or association's web site is quickly transformed into a social networking site where members maintain their own profiles and preferences, and can keep track of everything they need to know to stay connected with other members. Here are just some of the ways to put our software to work for you:
  • Membership Website - Use our software to create and manage a website for your group. No technical expertise required.
  • Email Newsletter Tool - Use our software to send e-mail messages and newsletters to your membership, quickly and easily.
  • Online Application and Event Registration - Use our software to set up and manage membership applications and event registration, saving you countless hours of retyping information (which usually leads to data errors as well).
  • Secure Web Pages for Members - Use our software as your centralized communication network, while maintaining tight security for your sensitive information.
  • Online Member Directory - Your members will use our software to maintain their own profiles and communicate with other members of your group.
Internal Messaging System
Our Internal Messaging system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective communication solution for your internal network. With our software your local network users will be able to exchange instant messages, see the presence of their favorite contacts in the contacts list, send instant messages to selected users and preset groups.

Get Connected & Stay in Touch
Based on peer-to-peer (or P2P) technology, this server less messaging software operates without a dedicated server or Internet connection. All you will need is a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to your local network!

Enhance Your Productivity!
Being an efficient WinPopup and 'net send' command alternative, our full-featured instant messaging application offers you a much richer IM experience than existing messaging services designed for internal networks. Our software user-friendly interface and original features make this local network messenger the tool of choice for both home and enterprise instant messaging.

Library Management
Lib is advanced and elegant library management software which is designed and supported by Lofty Technologies. Suitable for special, medical and legal libraries, colleges, schools, charities and other resource centers, Lib software has revolutionized library automation in various institutions. All libraries in various campuses can be integrated to the central database for issue and return. DDC classification is integrated with Lib. Barcode, RFID, Smart Card integration depend on demand.

Document Management
Our Document Management is an innovative electronic document management system (EDMS) that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents in today's information-intensive organizations. To remain competitive in today's business environment, companies must continually strive to eliminate redundancy in their electronic records while also improving accessibility and management of sensitive company information. The process of constantly creating and revising different file types associated with different software applications can leave a company's electronic files in chaos. Take control of the electronic clutter with the best value in electronic document management software on the market today. Our DOC host of innovative features allows streamlining of document management processes and provides a powerful and easy to use solution to document and information disarray. Document which has been submitted by the student documents issued to students and others can be properly documented for long term purpose.